Sticky Referrals

We all understand the concept that givers gain.  We are all in situations each day where it would be appropriate to refer an individual or business to another person. Here are few things to consider when giving referrals.
  • Start with asking more questions.  When someone is struggling with an issue, voicing some concerns or looking for a solution to a problem – ask more questions, get clarity, engage them.  This will position you as a trusted advisor that is genuinely interested in the issue at hand, and once the need is clear, then you can provide a solid referral for the problem at hand.
  • Make sure you really understand the business or person you are referring.  When you truly know the details you can speak with credibility about why this particular referral would be a great fit for their needs and what they might expect from the experience.  This goes a long way to matching need with an appropriate solution.
  • When making a referral be sure to generate ‘emotion’.  Describing the benefits of using a person or business using strong emotion will create a longer lasting memory, and will play to the fact that sales is 80% emotion.
  • Notice the personality of the person in need of assistance.  If they are reserved and highly analytical, you will need to provide details and possibly even facts or figures to make them comfortable with a referral.  On the other hand if they are direct and to the point you will need to be clear and concise on how the referral can benefit them.
  YOUR CHALLENGE:  The next time you have the opportunity to provide a referral take a deep breath and consider how you can be even more effective in getting the referral to stick.  

Email Signature

In today’s world of iPhones, iPads, Androids and other various forms of technology, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving an email from someone who wants to talk further, get together or have you send them something that doesn’t have any personal information in the email. It doesn’t matter what program using you are using for email – find out how to customize your signature, and setup a custom signature for new emails, as well as, on replies.  Find out how to do this on your desktop, laptop, and favorite mobile device. At the end of every email – make sure that you are including:
  • Name
  • Title
  • Company/Organization
  • Mailing address
  • At least two phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Website
  • A Photo
  • A sentence or two about yourself, your company or your job
This may seem like a simple thing to do, but it is often overlooked, especially on mobile devices. Don’t underestimate the power of a photo in your email signature.  In a world where relationships are everything and creating intimacy can be even harder and harder, a simple photo can reinforce the personal relationship and accelerate trust in the relationship. YOUR CHALLENGE :  Take a look at the signatures you have setup and make sure they are working for you and presenting the image you want to portay.  

It’s All About You!

Everyone wants more business, everyone would like it to be easy.  Well it is, when you make it ‘all about you’. The biggest difference between you and your competition is you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sell based on value and not compete on price?  Once you are able to shift the conversation away from price you will find that the sales process becomes a whole lot easier. Here are five simple questions that can be used to differentiate yourself.
  1. What makes you special?  Focus on the experience of dealing with you.
  2. Can you explain it to your customers?  Keep the conversation simple.  It should be easy to explain.
  3. Why should I buy from you?  Talk about the ‘why’.  Make it clear.
  4. What do you do better than your competition?  Make the difference obvious.
  5. How is your competition better?  Know what you are up against.
It may be surprising how many people truly have difficulty answering these questions.  Unless you can answer these questions, you will continue to sell on price instead of demonstrating to your prospects that you can provide them with the value they want. YOUR CHALLENGE:   Spend a few minutes making sure that you can answer these five questions and use them in your next conversation with a prospect.