It’s All About You!

Everyone wants more business, everyone would like it to be easy.  Well it is, when you make it ‘all about you’. The biggest difference between you and your competition is you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sell based on value and not compete on price?  Once you are able to shift the conversation away from price you will find that the sales process becomes a whole lot easier. Here are five simple questions that can be used to differentiate yourself.
  1. What makes you special?  Focus on the experience of dealing with you.
  2. Can you explain it to your customers?  Keep the conversation simple.  It should be easy to explain.
  3. Why should I buy from you?  Talk about the ‘why’.  Make it clear.
  4. What do you do better than your competition?  Make the difference obvious.
  5. How is your competition better?  Know what you are up against.
It may be surprising how many people truly have difficulty answering these questions.  Unless you can answer these questions, you will continue to sell on price instead of demonstrating to your prospects that you can provide them with the value they want. YOUR CHALLENGE:   Spend a few minutes making sure that you can answer these five questions and use them in your next conversation with a prospect.

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