Know Your Numbers

In business, and in your personal life for that matter, you must be familiar with your numbers, you must “know” and be comfortable with your bottom-line. Don’t let your discomfort with accounting or your inabilities to “analyze” your business keep you from growing and prospering. Even though the mindset that many of us grew up with was “numbers are no fun”, “numbers are hard to understand”, “boring”, “not creative” … whatever the misconception you were given about numbers when you were young. But quite the opposite is true. Numbers tell a story of not only your past, but how you can move forward in the future. Numbers help you forecast (your own personal crystal ball), numbers are creative, and when you get right down to it, numbers make up the universe – think music, chemistry, cooking, dance, architecture, and on and on and on. And another simple truth about numbers – if you don’t watch them, test and measure, and track what they’re telling you, then numbers won’t do squat to help you succeed. Embrace numbers, they are your ally. With just a few basic KPI’s (Key Productivity Indicator’s) or metrics, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business and build accountability into your Team. As an Owner, don’t leave the maintenance, analyzing, evaluating and monitoring of numbers solely up to someone ELSE in your organization. As the Owner, it is your responsibility to KNOW and be a good steward of your business too! YOUR CHALLENGE:  Look at the numbers in your business.  Determine what are the drivers and what you need to know to make your business grow.

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