Manners Matter

As children, our parents would prompt us to use manners…
  • What’s the magic word?
  • What do you say?
  • Did you thank Mrs. So-and-so?
  • Is that how we act?
  • Don’t interrupt!
  • Call if you are going to be late.
  • Did you let them know you are coming?
  • Were you polite?
Sound familiar?  Well it probably brings back fond childhood memories for many of you.  And at the risk of your reminding you of your parents, I will remind you much of the same in your business…
Use the magic word…Please.  Use it with your staff, with your clients, your prospects, your vendors, anyone you are interacting with.
Say thank you.  Use it often and mean it. Say it.  Write it.  Tell others how much you appreciate someone.
Use your manners.  Don’t interrupt, listen attentively, and be present in the conversation.
Your actions reflect your manners.  Do you step aside when entering a door, or perhaps hold the door.
Do you smile and greet others that are in your presence whether you know them or not.
Respect others time.  Confirm appointments, call if you are running late be clear on your agenda, honor the time set aside for the meeting by ending on time, or asking permission to go long.
RSVP, let folks know you are coming.  Not just minutes or hours ahead, but give them the courtesy of days when possible or honor their deadline.
Manners are just good business.  They reflect you, your brand, your reputation.  The showcase your compassion, grate fullness,  integrity and character.  And it doesn’t cost a thing.
YOUR CHALLENGE:  Make manners a priority in your office, and notice the difference it can make in your attitude and in your business.

Great Connections

Throughout our networking we are often focused on referrals, giving them and getting them.  Lets not forget about making great connections, for yourself and connecting others. When we focus on connections referrals and business will follow.
Here are some tips on making great connections.
  • When making great connections, look for the quality of the person, less about the industry or line of business.  If they are of quality then they will be a natural at connecting and expanding your sphere of influence.
  • Have great conversations, a high quality conversation can open doors, deepen the connection, or create natural alignments based on common interests.
  • Because people do business with people they like and trust, be yourself.  Be sincere, be real, and let your personality show, use your sense of humor and enjoy the moment.
  • Ask others who they have found to be great connectors, and then ask for an introduction.
  • Spend quality getting to know those people who seem to know everyone and are well connected.
As you look to make great connections, remember, compliments, courtesy, compassion and common ground – and get busy.
YOUR CHALLENGE:  Look to make one great connection with someone you have been putting off.

The Eyes Have It

Eye contact is something that we don’t think a lot about until we experience too much or too little.  Eye contact is a very powerful communication tool that can be easily overlooked. Positive eye contact, which is usually 70-80% of the time, can convey genuine interest, a sense of connection or empathy, and sincerity.  When we make meaningful eye contact with our prospects and clients  it accelerates the trust level and builds a deeper connection that allows us to better get to know them which results in better customer service. It was found that people give more eye contact to those who smile to them more often. If you are looking to keep others attention, a smile might just be the way to keep their focus. In today’s world we are distracted by our phones, texts, emails, and other alerts, that take us away from maintaining positive eye contact.  We also live in a world where more and more is done on the phone, on a webinar, and in person communication is not always possible. We have all been to networking events where someone we are talking to is looking over our shoulder, watching the door, or perhaps we have been guilty of that ourselves.  If charisma is about, prescience, power and warmth – then it is important to stay present.  Be present with the person we are engaged with and eye contact is the biggest indicator of presence. YOUR CHALLENGE:  Make an effort to look people in the eye, when speaking and when listening, and office the deeper connection that you make and the better listener you become.