The Price is Right

The fastest way to improve your margins is to increase your prices. That’s right – increase price. There are a lot of reasons and excuses I hear from business owners why this may work in OTHER business but this will not work in THEIR business. All of the businesses that I work with evaluate their prices.  The reason this works is because we build a Unique Selling Proposition that communicates the unique value thus compelling the prospect to shift their focus away from price and towards value in the buying decision. YOUR CHALLENGE:  Look at your pricing model and evaluate how you are selling. If you are competing on price – start changing the conversation with your prospects.   If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog, you can email me at or call 847-739-3079. Please visit to register for our complimentary workshop, 6 Steps to a Great Business, and let’s work together to help your business grow.