Selling as a Process

Do you have a defined sales process? By working with a client on their sales process we were able to double their conversion rate and shorten their sales cycle from 22 days to 8 days. In working together we defined the steps in the sales process, measured the effectiveness of each step and purposefully included activities that built trust and credibility in advance of asking for the sale. We then trained the sales team, giving them the tools and support required for success. YOUR CHALLENGE:  Start by documenting your sales process.  Be sure to include what you expect to happen, who is responsible and the purpose for each step in the process. If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog, you can email me at or call 847-739-3079. Please visit to register for our complimentary workshop, 6 Steps to a Great Business, and let’s work together to help your business grow.