Small Bucks for Small Business

Small money ideas that can help you get your small business started! You don’t need big bucks to start a business.  But, you do need to get the word out about your business.  And no, it doesn’t have to come with a huge cost.  Here are some small money ideas that can help you get started: Blogging:  You can create a blog for free.  And if you’re not good at writing, then perhaps someone on your team (or a friend) can help you out.   Website:  You can create a website for free too.  If you are not a professional coder, don’t worry.  There are many template websites you can create that look great! Ads:  Try using Facebook or Google Ads.  They can help boost your business on a small budget. Social Networks:  Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are great for social networking.  And they’re free to use! Photography:  Make sure to use visual images.  Try to be unique or funny!  Stand out to get noticed! Offer a Freebie:  A free month of service will draw attention to anyone reading your ad. Referrals:  Word of mouth from friends and family can help you get started too. Partner Up:  You can always find another business professional that is in the same industry as you. Business Cards:  Make them colorful and snazzy and be sure to pass them out to everyone you come in contact with. These tips should not cost you an arm and a leg but they should help you get recognized and a give you a good start to your new business. PJ's New Pic (smaller)  ActionCoach-logo
YOUR CHALLENGE:  Make a list of the 9 ideas listed above.  Tackle one idea each week for the next 9 weeks.  How does it improve your new business? If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog, you can email me at or call 847-739-3079.
For your complimentary business coaching session visit, Build a Business image 3 (small title) To register for our complimentary workshop, How to Build a Business you can Sell, visit Let’s work together to help your business grow. 

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