Powerful Networking

In business, the people you know and the connections you make have a powerful impact on your success.  Your professional and personal network becomes your net worth.  To grow your sales you must work hard at building relationships with your customers. To continuously grow and maintain your network, it’s necessary to attend networking events regularly.  It’s also important to create a plan.  Here are some tips to powerful networking:
  1. Before attending an event, try and get your hands on an attendance list so you can plan to network with the individuals who match your target customers.
  2. Focus on meeting only a handful of qualified contacts so you can successfully follow-up with them after the event.  Keep your goal simple…don’t over network.
  3. When you’re at an event, make sure you actively listen to others.  Plan to listen first and give valuable, relative information second.
  4. After the event, follow-up within 48 hours.  Connect with them on LinkedIn and send them an email.  The follow-up is your fortune!!
Making contacts, assisting others, and establishing relationships is extremely important for any entrepreneur. They’re all a form of networking and they all play an important role in growing your business! PJ's New Pic (smaller) ActionCoach-logo
YOUR CHALLENGE:  Attend 1 (ONE) networking event before the end of the year, as practice.  Start 2017 with a new networking plan for your business! If you would like further information or you have any questions about this blog, you can email me at pjweiland@actioncoach.com or call 847-739-3079.
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