Project Management Rules for Business Owners

We all want our team members to work productively. As business owners, and often the lead of the team, we need to make management decisions to make sure projects are followed through.  Nothing is perfect, but here are 5 rules to follow to effectively lead your team in the right direction. Rule 1: If you are not an organized, persuasive, and efficient person, then you should consider hiring a project manager to lead your team. Rule 2:   Make sure all team members know what’s expected of them so there are no conflicts or unnecessary surprises. Rule 3:   Give your team all the steps/resources needed to make projects easier to manage. Rule 4:   Document all project activities to keep things flowing smoothly and efficiently. Rule 5:   Something will go wrong, so budget enough (extra) time to wrap up every project. PJ's New Pic (smaller) ActionCoach-logo
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