Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Business?

If you are a business owner, you are probably routinely running on very little sleep.  Even though many entrepreneurs view this as a normal pattern for themselves, it goes against the fact that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep, each night. High-achieving people represent a small portion of society, and this small portion of society is probably sleep deprived.  Maybe they are so driven that they can overcome the effects it has on their body and mind. Whether they admit they’re exhausted or not, the fact is YOU NEED SLEEP. Your entire body pays the price when it isn’t well rested.  Some side effects of not enough sleep are:
  1. Unable to focus
  2. Gain weight
  3. Increased exhaustion (burning out)
  4. Under-performed memory
While some of us don’t think we need a lot of sleep, we need to be reminded that sleep is highly correlated to your mood, weight, concentration, and memory.  Don’t let your productivity decline just because you want extra hours (awake) to yourself at night. Get enough sleep! Your body (and your business) will thank you! PJ's New Pic (smaller) ActionCoach-logo
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