Best Practices for Your HR Team

Every HR team has numerous responsibilities.  They include recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, termination, benefits, and evaluations.  And, a company’s success is ultimately the result of the people they hire.  It’s very important to avoid mistakes that can be extremely costly for the company. Here are some ways to make sure your HR department provides strategies to benefit management, employees, and the company overall:
  1. Conduct hiring practices that include resume screening, background checks, well-written job descriptions, advertisements, postings, the interview process, and job offers.
  2. Conduct termination practices that include documentation, employee termination evaluations, avoiding litigation, exit interviews, group downsizing, and unemployment claims.
  3. Conduct evaluation processes that paint a clear picture of an employee’s personality, skills, abilities, talents, and their future within the company. Help retain top talent from direct employees before hiring new individuals.
  4. Prevent Harassment by educating managers and other employees about discrimination, including sex, race, age, gender, religion, and more.
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