How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Many business owners, or managers, support their teams, helping them hold each other accountable and to ultimately be a success.  But, what about holding ourselves accountable? When you hold yourself accountable, you have greater success in reaching, or exceeding, your goals. 1 – Write everything down.  This is especially helpful if you’re a visual person.  Make a to-do list, a list for short-term goals, a list for long-term goals, etc.  Look at them consistently and focus on one at a time.  Use sticky notes and put them in places where you’ll see them often throughout your workday. 2 – Reward your own accomplishments.  After completing a certain number of goals, or after reaching a specific milestone, reward yourself with a vacation, or just take some time off. 3 – Review your own performance.  It’s important to be honest with yourself.  You are responsible for your own success and/or failure.  Tell yourself when your performance is not up to par.  Own up to your lack of performance, and commit to making a change. 4 – Ask your team how you’re doing.  If your business has a strong company culture, employees will be honest with you when giving you feedback on your performance.  Your team should provide complete unbiased feedback. rsz_2018-headshotActionCoach-logo
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