Being an Effective Team Leader

Team leaders need to manage teams who have been brought together to focus on specific projects, due to their individual skill levels and expertise.  They must recognize the different contributions each team members brings, and allow all members to work out their differences. Team leaders need to lead their team towards a common goal. Here are a few essentials a team leader must posses to lead a successful team:
  1. Team leaders must look ahead, for their teams and their companies.  They must set clear objectives and find the ideal team members with the right skills.
  2. Team leaders must develop cultures where ideas and arguments are accepted.  Team members should be allowed to have a significant impact on the team, with leaders recognizing qualified individuals for problem solving.
  3. Team leaders need to use conflicts as constructive criticism.  They need to be approachable, be prepared to listen, and know when to back off.
  4. Team leaders need to be involved.  They need to be sensitive to the pressure and the needs of their teams.  And they need to reward and recognize individual accomplishments.
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