Best Onboarding Process for New Hires

Employees leave the workplace for many reasons, some that can be resolved if the new hire is set up to succeed from the start.  That is why the onboarding process is so important. Here are some helpful ideas you can start implementing right away in your business: 1 – Contact the new hire before they start.  Make sure someone is reaching out to them between their accepted offer and their start date.  Perhaps even something as small as having their new manager call and give a brief introduction.  Or have HR email them a simple reminder of their start day/time with first-day instructions.  Either of these can help the new hire feel they made the right choice. 2 – Set up a portal for the new hire.  Give them online access so they can start learning about the company or fill out important forms before they start.  You don’t want them to spend their entire first day filling out paperwork. 3 – Good first impressions will make their first day memorable.  Take them on a tour of the building.  Introduce them to other employees in the same department.  Have their desk ready with everything they need and maybe a small welcome package.  Schedule a lunch with their new manager. 4 – Assign them a mentor who works in the same department.  This gives them a go-to person in case they have questions, comments, or concerns.  Make sure the mentor demonstrates leadership skills. 5 – Set defined expectations.  Ensure the new hire knows his/her new responsibilities and is familiar with the company’s vision/goals.  Communicate clearly with the new hire and make sure their manager checks in with them often to see how things are going. rsz_2018-headshotActionCoach-logo
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