8 Simple & Effective Team Communicating Techniques

As a leader, it’s absolutely critical you have effective communication in the workplace.  Communicating effectively helps to eliminate misunderstandings and encourages a healthy work environment.  It also increases work productivity and professionalism. Here are 8 ways to effectively communicate with your team: 1 – Consider having open meetings.  Your team will be able to hear, feel, and see what you have to tell them.  It allows you to communicate your passion. 2 – Send emails.  This allows you to send messages to your team without them leaving their projects/work stations. 3 – Have one-on-one meetings.  Spend time with your team members on a one-on-one basis.  This helps build relationships and better understand each other. 4 – Avoid a tense environment.  You want to provide a receptive atmosphere.  Your team should be able to communicate without feeling afraid. 5 – Train your team.  Communication during team training events can be very effective.  It’s the perfect time to give praise or reward those who deserve it. 6 – Listen to your team.  Don’t just talk to them, listen to them.  Listen more than you speak. 7 – Present information to your team.  Presentations give them an opportunity to ask questions and communicate to other team members. 8 – Encourage feedback.  Give your team members a chance to communicate back.  This can measure the effectiveness of your communication style. Effective communication makes for a happier team, a productive workplace, and a phenomenal team leader. rsz_2018-headshotActionCoach-logo
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