Onboarding Checklist

When onboarding a new hire, there are numerous tasks that need to be done.  To make sure nothing is forgotten, it’s smart to prepare a basic checklist.  Below is a list of things that should be done in preparation for a new employee: Before the new hire’s first day:
  • Set-up the new hire’s office/desk
  • Gather necessary software/hardware for the new hire
  • Set-up an email address for the new hire (and add it to the company database)
  • Set-up a phone/voicemail for the new hire
  • Set-up a time-sheet for the new hire
  • Prepare parking permit paperwork (if applicable) for the new hire
  • Schedule employee photo (for badge) for the new hire
  • Gather benefits & payroll paperwork for the new hire
  • Have the hiring manager and/or team leader email the new hire to welcome him/her
  • Identify an appropriate employee to be the new hire’s coach/mentor
During the new hire’s orientation:
  • Make sure the new hire understand his/her benefits
  • Make sure the new hire understands what is expected of him/her
  • Answer any of the new hire’s questions regarding the position
  • Make sure the new hire knows how to use the basic tools to do his/her job successfully
  • Give the new hire a tour of his/her office and building (introducing to team members and other staff)
  • Make sure the new hire has signed all the required paperwork to begin working
  • Arrange for the hiring manager and/or team leader to meet with the new hire after orientation
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