How often do you ask questions? What kind of questions do you ask? The questions you ask have a direct relationship on the results you get.

To put it simply, great results come from great actions which come from great decisions which come from great questions. Let’s say that again … great results come from great actions which come from great decisions which come from great questions.

When you ask great questions:

  • You gather quality information from people who know more about a topic than you do.
  • You can learn from the mistakes and trials of others, without making the same errors.
  • You can gain deeper insight and attain multiple perspectives, while broadening your sense of understanding.
  • You can develop a better idea of what people want and what they need, which helps you focus your actions.

As you can see, the hallmark of great questions is the value you gain when asking them.

How do you ask great questions?

  • Be curious. Research and investigate anything that catches your attention.
  • Work on expanding your dreams, beliefs, and knowledge. When you broaden your horizons, you will start to gain a wider perspective.
  • Get a great mentor or teacher. They can help you attain perspectives you have never had before.

The more knowledge you gain the better decisions you will make, which will lead to better actions and give you better results.

Your challenge: Take notice of how often you are the one asking questions or the one being asked. Then, start asking questions and keep asking questions.

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