Day to day routines have us running the same routes and interacting with the same folks. We see familiar faces as we move about our days. When this happens our energy level can take a dip.

Then we meet someone new, we see a new face at a familiar place, or we make a new stop and meet folks we haven’t met before. Our mind jumps into overdrive, as we ask questions and begin to learn more and more about a new person or new business that has crossed our path.

Think about the energy that comes from these interactions, wouldn’t we all like to experience that energy, again and again. This outside energy can allow us to learn something new, or to make a valuable connection within our networks for the benefit of others, or to expand our reach to yet one more person’s network that you haven’t touched before.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Make a point of reaching out to someone that you have only met in passing and invite them to join you at your next networking event. Be a catalyst of creating outside energy.

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