“Rome was not built in a day” and the majority of our clients engage with us on a long-term mentorship basis to identify any development ‘cracks’ and work with them to strengthen their businesses over time.

Executive Coaching: Developing high-performance leaders and leadership teams for committed corporate organizations.

1 to 1 Business Coaching: Working directly with business owners and their teams at a personal level; engaging every week to get faster results or a second level frequency every two weeks.

Group Coaching: Working directly with business owners in a group-mentorship basis, engaging every week and holding one another accountable.

Other valued programs:

Whether your business needs a quick tune up or recalibration to grow, or your team needs some training and inspiration, chat with us to see how to facilitate any of the following for you:

Business plans – either through PlanningCLUB facilitated strategic planning workshops with access to a state-of-the art cloud-based planning environment, or advisory support in getting your plan to a new level.

Profiling and Assessments – such as DISC, Leadership/360, Emotional Intelligence and other review tools for performance enhancement and job ‘fit’.

Team-building and strategy workshops – such as a Half-day team ‘Alignment’ workshop to enhance and boost teamwork and communication.

Group Education: Our ActionCLUB, a co-hort group business education and accountability program, meeting monthly including best practice sharing.

90 Day Planning: Our full-day Quarterly education and planning sessions to develop 90-day executable Action Plans.

Half or full-day team training sessions – on Leadership, Sales skills, Time Management, Customer Service, Marketing, etc.

Funding and finance support – Support in accessing capital and bridging gaps between client, accountant and bookkeeper.

Books, video and audio – we all learn in different ways and our library is designed to support you and your team’s growth.