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“Move Me has operated for 20 years and in early 2010 I asked PJ Weiland of ActionCOACH to help me start over and rebuild my business.  I understood the overwhelming process of moving , what I did not have however, was any concept of how to run a profitable business.  PJ has guided me weekly through finances, structuring business systems, developing sales and marketing and working with my team. PJ’s impressive business knowledge, experience and talents for teaching helped me work ON the business not IN it with accountability, perseverance, enthusiasm and belief in success.  It is impossible to express my gratitude and encourage anyone who wants to achieve more in their business than they currently are to contact PJ of ActionCOACH.”

 – Mary Jane K., Move Me Move Managers



 “ActionCOACH is Great – such a tremendous amount of easy to implement information and ideas to take back to my business and my personal life. This is the most powerful road map to get your business where you want it to go.” 

 – Dr. Mickey H., Hoover Res. Dental



“In the first 5 months our profits increased by 155% and in the last 3 months we’ve made just as much profit as we did for the previous 6 months. But it’s not just about making more money, we’ve also now got more clarity about our business and where it is heading.


 – Brendan & Suzanne C., Prestige Lock Service



“In just one strategy and we’ve increased our net profit by 35% per month. In fact, business has grown so much we have needed to employ two more staff and open an extra day just to keep up the demand … “

 – Whitsunday Childcare Centre



“Last year we started off with a profit forecast, but as soon as we learned your strategies we decided to double our forecast. We’re already well over that forecast again by two-and-a-half times on sales and profits are even higher. Now we run a really profitable business.”

 – Hank M. & Hemi M., School of Welding



“Coaching has helped me bcome more focused and goal oriented.  It has helped me to identify areas I needed to strengthen to become more successful in accomplishing my goals.  Coaching holds me accountable for the task I agreed to completeable business.”

 – David L., LSP Technologies



“Before we started working with ActionCOACH, our business was unorganized and unstructured.  My wife, myself and the office assistant each had their hands in on every job without knowing what the other person was doing. ActionCOACH showed us the importance of systems and procedures and taught us how to write and implement them.  Job positions that were impossible for us to train someone to do are now structured so that just about anyone can do them.  The employees appreciate knowing what is expected of them and their performance is measurable.  My Coach and ActionCOACH has also helped us implement a marketing program that targets exactly the businesses we are looking for and gives us the ability to measure the results of the campaign.  The expertise and resources that Action has are endless.”  


 – Bruce H., Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc.


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