“I started working with PJ years ago when I joined a new business and we were looking to grow. I was feeling excited to service my clients but my education didn’t provide me with enough business acumen to grow on my own. PJ armed me, and my partner with the correct knowledge, structure, support and encouragement to thrive. PJ is understanding, honest and has helped me to create systems and strategies to reach my goals. Thanks to PJ, I am now an empowered person with the right knowledge and systems in place to thrive.” 

Jordan Burstein, JJB Ed Consultants


“We decided to make a major change in the structure of our company.  As we attempted to map out how this was going to work many challenges faced us that were unexpected.  Working in our industry for 27 years we have become very proficient at our job, but business structure and administration was not our strong suit.  I met PJ from ActionCOACH at a Chamber of Commerce event and began working together soon after.

Having a coach is different than having a consultant.  A consultant tells you what direction you should be going in and how to do it.  A coach empowers YOU to determine what should be done and then gives you the tools to achieve those goals.  To get the most out of “Coaching” you really need to make a commitment of time and hard work to achieve results, and it is not always fun, but the results are yours.

Over the past year, my business has grown in so many ways.  We utilized a new and interesting way to hire members of our team.  Words like mission, vision, culture, and conversion have become part of our common vocabulary.  We truly understand causes and effects in many areas of our company.  Testing and measuring new concepts and ideas is now the standard.  Our sales process has been outlined, our messaging more consistent and new technologies have been added to our process.   Moving forward, many challenges are still on the horizon, but with the relationship we have developed with PJ from ActionCOACH we are excited to meet those challenges with confidence. 

If you want to really understand your business and not just your profession then working with a Coach is for you.  When I talk to friends and other business owners and I hear things like “we just can’t catch up” or “I have an ad in the paper, but business is slow.  The economy is just bad”. I am able to tell them about PJ.  There are answers to those questions, but you have to want to know the answers to figure them out.” 

Mike Schiestel, Detail Kitchens


“I was looking around for some inspiration and help with marketing when our sales dropped by 90% during the coronavirus.  Now, instead of relying on our wholesale & distributor customers, we had to rely on our website and Amazon store to help pay the rent.  I read about a webinar with PJ sponsored by the Greater Wheeling Chamber of Commerce in an email.  I jumped at the chance for help and PJ was extremely helpful.  She had some great ideas for pivoting sales and getting new markets. 

I then joined her Mindset and Marketing Webinar series.  She and the other people in the group have been great. Very helpful in getting me focused and pointed in the right direction.  I’ve learned a lot and ventured into new territory with my online marketing skillset.  When this lockdown is over, I know that my company will be stronger & have a more diversified customer list than before. I highly recommend PJ for help with coaching and marketing strategies.”

Nancy Jones, Foster-Stephens, Inc. 


“As for so many others, COVID-19 and stay at home orders greatly scaled back my opportunities for networking, face to face meeting and socializing, which are often fertile ground for great ideas, collaboration, guidance and support. I was adrift, at the worst time when I was tasked with finding a solution for a crucial project with much at stake. Through smart marketing and networking techniques of her own, I connected with PJ and everything about my project changed from then on.

PJ has amazing business savvy and is a great listener. Rather than offering pat solutions, she partners with you in the problem solving process. PJ’s so empathetic, it’s as if she’s invested in your risk and outcomes along with you. PJ quickly shifted me from “I need x, can you help?” to first helping me clarify my project objectives and milestones for success. From there, she helped me design an entirely different solution than I originally had in mind for this particular situation while passing along the skills to replicate this success repeatedly on my own.

PJ is a fisher(wo)man extraordinaire in her own right, but in my experience, she’s much more inclined to teach her clients to fish. It’s a great boost of confidence to know there’s a professional business resource with a track record of success I can turn to when needed.”

Susan Swaringen, League of Women Voters


“PJ has been my business coach for the past 2 years. Her genuine, kindness and spirit is beyond expectations. Her knowledge and helpfulness as my coach has given clear directions in all aspects in my business endeavours.”

Bonnie Brickman, Guys & Co.


“Thanks so much for working with Tom and the business this year to give us the gift of time to spend with each other!  What a remarkable turn things have taken – thank you!  Wish we could give you the time you’ve given us back.”  

Jess and Tom Hutchison, InTown Electric


“I met PJ at a networking event 6 years ago and she was one of the best connections I have ever made.  Through the years I attended many of her workshops and speaking engagements.  Her knowledge as a business coach and mentor has helped me to improve my marketing skills. 

In March of 2020 all of our lives, both personally and professionally, were turned upside down by Covid-19.  It was with PJ’s professionalism and kindness that she jumped into “Action” by offering free workshops to our communities.  With her efforts she helped change the mindset and lives of so many people.  She has a way of making you feel comfortable about stepping outside the box and believing in yourself.  Her coaching style is energizing and contagious.  If you’re looking for a someone to help you grow personally and professionally, PJ Weiland of ActionCOACH is the person to call. 

Thanks PJ for your knowledge, experience, kindness, humor and friendship over the years.    

with PJ.”

Laurie Jensen, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute


“I have known PJ for over 10 years and recognize her as an excellent thinker and communicator. Because of her broad business background, she has the ability to help business owners ‘step outside of their businesses’ and gain insight into ways by which they can achieve more successful bottom-line results.

She consistently develops various ways to motivate clients and helps them take their businesses to the next level of achievement. Need to have a speaker at your next meeting or networking event? PJ is a wonderful speaker and will command the attention of everyone in the audience!

I would recommend PJ to help you with your business.”

Wayne Karlins, Reed Social Media


“I have never worked with a coach before, but what you offer and the accountability you expect makes me want to continue to work with you.  You have been so encouraging and giving with your expertise and experience. I look forward to my bi-weekly zoom meetings and I thank you so much for the value you add to my professional development.”

Sara Jane Abbott, See Jane Sparkle


“I really can’t provide enough accolades for PJ Weiland.  Both as a business advisor and friend, she is truly one of the best people and biggest givers that I know.  She can come up with plans to improve any business and is truly on a mission to help everyone she works with.  You won’t regret working with PJ.”

Paul Kaufmann, Shred Spot


“Before I met PJ, “zoom” was a show I watched when I was growing up. PJ has given me the tools, and the confidence, to try new approaches and stay positive in an ever changing landscape.”

Samantha Breden, Atria Glenview


“I’ve know and worked with PJ Weiland for many years now. Time after time she has shown a propensity to help others, not just in her work as an Action Coach, but with charities, communities etc. PJ is simply the kindest most giving person I know. I appreciate everything she’s done, especially during this pandemic to help others. She’s second to none!”

Geoffrey Horwitz, The MacMentor


“Not only is PJ Weiland an elite business coach, she is a caring individual whose life mission is helping people both personally and professionally. When she’s not helping businesses succeed, PJ gives back to the community, volunteering her time and expertise to numerous charities and business groups. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Gary Eisenstein, Better Auto Buying


“Move Me has operated for 25 years and when I asked PJ Weiland of ActionCOACH to help me start over and rebuild my business.  I understood the overwhelming process of moving, what I did not have however, was any concept of how to run a profitable business.  PJ has guided me weekly through finances, structuring business systems, developing sales and marketing and working with my team.

PJ’s impressive business knowledge, experience and talents for teaching helped me work ON the business not IN it with accountability, perseverance, enthusiasm and belief in success.  It is impossible to express my gratitude and encourage anyone who wants to achieve more in their business than they should contact PJ of ActionCOACH.”

Mary Jane Keller, Move Me Move Managers


“PJ is one of the most giving people I know.  She is always willing to jump in and help no matter the task.  Her efforts over the past 8 weeks have transformed many many lives.  I would recommend her to anyone in need!”

Matt Settler, Richter Insurance


“Hi my name is Charmaine Conaghan and I own and operate Always Best Care Senior Services located in Glenview, Illinois. We are a caregiving agency. We send people to help folks with activities of daily living wherever they are, whether they are in their own homes or in a facility.

To say nine years ago when I started my business that I have a lot to learn is a vast understatement. As it happens PJ Weiland started ActionCOACH shortly after I started Always Best Care and our coaching relationship started soon thereafter. It’s been several years since we began working together. PJ likes to say that she helps business owners with time, team and money. I’ve heard her say it many times and it is so true. I’m here to tell you that after nine years I run a thriving agency with over one hundred employees, in large part because PJ has guided me through all three of those aspects.

As far as time, she taught me how to manage my calendar, how to protect my time and how to use my time to the best benefit of my business and my personal life. 

As far as team, I have a large team and she has really helped me through every aspect of having a team. Hiring them, knowing if and when to fire them, rewarding them, disciplining them, managing them, making sure that we have policies and that we follow those policies. Lots of aspects to helping me with my team.

Money. As far as understanding my numbers and learning how to read a profit and loss statement. To all of her marketing strategies. She has endless marketing strategies. She has helped me with money. She has helped me grow my revenue. She has taught me how to manage my revenue and leverage that to help us keep growing.

But really, all of those things boil down to one thing. As a business owner I had the luxury to really learn my industry and learn how to become an expert in senior care because I had someone to turn to when it came time to face a challenge. She helped me through the hiccups, the day to day, the details. She helped me understand how to turn a challenge or even a disaster into an opportunity.

She helped me become the best version of a business owner that I could be. Another thing that I could never under state is that she believed in me. She was in my corner. She advocated for me. She cheered me on. She cheerfully hounded me when she had to. She held me accountable and there was a lot of that. I really had a lot to learn about being disciplined and I still do, but I always knew that she was there for me.

If you’re a business owner and there’s a goal that you have, that you just can’t reach that goal, and you’re struggling, I am here to tell you pick up the phone and call PJ. Talk to her. Trust her. Develop a plan with her and you will get there. I am living proof. Thank you so much.

Charmaine Conaghan, Always Best Care North Shore


Hi, I am David Telisman, founder of David Telisman Communications. I am friend and client of PJ’s. I am going to tell you things about PJ that you already know. But it is important to hear how she has changed my life. I was lost, floundering in the wilderness, but I had the awareness that I needed help to truly access my potential.

PJ has opened my mind in ways that I didn’t think were possible and that didn’t require that I experiment with LSD. On a busines level she’s a problem solver and opportunity creator.

My imposter syndrome has always gotten the best of me, but PJ Is so attuned to my self-imposing limitations and has inspired me to develop new pathways in my brain to believe that I can fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, and more importantly PJ has motivated to me to me more of a giver. And to connect more deeply with people in my community. What is absolutely gob smacking is her natural ability to make me feel like the most important person in her life while at the same time making all the people in her life feel the same way.

In the middle of this pandemic, which has been the scariest era of my life. PJ has not only ignited my hope and optimism, but that of an entire community. When we come out on the other side of this I will look back and know that what helped me persevere through this were my family and PJ. PJ has a way, she just has a way.

David Telisman, David Telisman Communications